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Your Source for Portland, Oregon Real Estate

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  • Experience Counts

    The Rob Levy Team is your partner for Portland, Oregon real estate. Having sold well over a thousand condos, townhouses and residential homes since 1988, Rob and his team have seen it all. They have successfully navigated through the market ups and downs. When it is the sale of your home is on the line, Experience is what counts.

    About the Rob Levy Team

  • Technology Driven

    In today’s technological world, buying and selling Portland, Oregon real estate starts online. The Rob Levy team is well versed in technology. Rob was the first eCertified agent in the world. This “tech savvy” team leverages technology to its fullest for you whether buying or selling Portland, Oregon real estate.

  • The Difference

    We do more than help you buy or sell Portland, Oregon real estate. We listen. We help you solve problems. We are the gateway between where you are right now and where you want to be. We are committed to making your home buying or selling process the best it can be and it shows.

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