rch Residential Highlights
The Portland metro area had
a sunny month for new listings
this March. At 3,604, new listings
outpaced March 2016 (3,409) by
5.7% and February 2017 (2,521) by
43.0%. This was the strongest March 
for new listings in the area since 
2010, when 4,987 were offered for
the month.
Pending sales (3,043) warmed
28.5% over last month in February
2017 (2,369) but fell 1.1% short of 
the 3,076 offers accepted during this month last year in March 2016.  Closed sales, at 2,494, similarly
outpaced February 2017 (1,669) by
49.4% but still ended 2.8% cooler
than in March 2016 when 2,565
closings were recorded for the
Total market time decreased by
four days this March, ending at 58
days. Inventory decreased as well,
ending at 1.3 months. There were
3,313 active residential listings in
the Portland metro area this March.
Average and Median Sale Prices
Comparing the average price of
homes sold in the twelve months
ending March 31st of this year
($404,300) with the average price
of homes in the twelve months
ending March 2016 ($361,100)
shows an increase of 12.0%. In the
same comparison, the median has
increased 12.2% from $315,000 to

The Portland metro area saw some mixed real estate activity this April, while the year to date still remains cooler compared to 2016.  New listings, at 3,759, fared 4.3% better than last month in March 2017 (3,604), but fell 7.9% short of the 4,082 new listings offered last year in April 2016.  Similarly, pending sales (3,088) were 10.0% cooler than in April 2016 (3,432) but showed a modest 1.5% gain over last month in March 2017 (3,043).  Closed sales, at 2,219, fell 11.0% short compared to last month’s 2,494 closings and 15% short compared to the 2,611 closings recorded last year in April 2016.  Inventory crawled upward in April, ending at 1.7 months. Total market time decreased by four days, ending at 42 days. There were 3,753 active residential listings in the Portland metro area in April.  

Comparing the average price of homes sold in the twelve months ending April 30th of this year ($406,500) with the average price of homes in the twelve months ending April 2016 ($365,200) shows an increase of 11.3%. In the same comparison, the median has increased 11.6% from $318,500 to $355,500.

Our home of the month is a condo off Macadam just south of the south waterfront in the coveted RiverPoint condo community.  This fabulous home is two bedrooms plus a den, and overlooks the river, downtown and Mt Hood, and its on the ground floor with a two car garage!  Check it out here at http://www.roblevy.com/Property/6116-SW-RIVERPOINT-LN-Portland-17683285