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Portland Real Estate Update By Rob Levy

Portland Real Estate Update April '16

The Portland metro area saw some seasonal increases this March, but some numbers are cooler so far for the year to date. Closed sales (2,565) were up 4.4% compared to March 2015 (2,457) and 41.5% compared to February 2016 (1,813). The last March that closings were more numerous was in 2007, when 2,775 closings were posted for the month. Pending sales, at 3,076, rose 10.4% over the 2,786 offers accepted last month in February 2016—but were 9.1% under the 3,384 offers accepted last year in March 2015. Similarly, the 3,409 new listings rose 17.7% above the 2,896 new listings offered last month in February 2016 but were 5.2% cooler than in March 2015 when 3,596 new listings were offered.

Total market time in the Portland metro area decreased to 51 days this March, with inventory decreasing to 1.3 months. There are currently a total of 3,318 active residential listings in the Portland metro area. Average and Median Sale Prices Comparing the average price of homes in the twelve months ending March 31st of this year ($361,100) with the average price of homes sold in the twelve months ending March 2015 ($334,400) shows an increase of 8.0%. In the same comparison, the median has increased 9.0% from $289,000 to $315,000.

This month's featured home is a real treat, sitting on 2+ acres off Skyline Blvd in NW Portland and is a custom built dayranch home with over 4,000SF and the shop used to be the former Skyline fire station, and is 2,200SF. You can see the entire listing here, including almost 40 photos.  This home is coming soon, and will be on the market on May 4th but we can arrange for private showings in the meantime.

Portland's Hottest Neighborhoods

This article from the Portland Business Journal talks about our hottest neigbhorhood, and in particular how 11 Portland metro neighborhood's average sales prices now are over $500,000 which is up from only five last year.  Interestingly, of the 25 most expensive neighborhoods in the area, 14 of those fall into the city limits of Portland.  And talk about expensive homes getting more expensive, 97034 a zip code in Lake Oswego rose 28.4% over the first quarter of 2015 to $833,454.  You can see the entire article here.

Oregon Makes Greenest States List

OK, no suprise here...  Oregon makes the list of the top greenest states in the USA.  We Oregonians are very proud of our green listing and were early adopters of recycling and the first state in the USA with a mandatory bottle recylcing way back in the 70s.  You can see the entire article here.