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Nestled on the west coast of the Willamette River and bordered on the west by I-5, Lake Oswego is a scenic area with a history few would guess. Created when the Oregon Iron and Steel Company dammed the Oswego Creek in 1905, it wasn't until the 1930's and '40s that people started calling Lake Oswego home year round. Present day Lake Oswego is managed by the Lake Oswego Corporation (LOC) which is a non-profit organization that manages the 405 acres surrounding the lake, and the lakefront properties. The LOC has kept Lake Oswego as a private lake, only to be used by Lake Oswego Corporation members. Anyone that buys property on the lake becomes a LOC member. The LOC also still produces electricity through the hydroelectric facility on Lake Oswego.

Lake Oswego is an appealing city of 36,000 people that is full of beautiful parks, walking trails, and all the scenery that views of the Willamette River and Oswego Lake can provide. Along with the commitment to keep Lake Oswego beautiful, the city also boasts schools that consistently exceed expectations in preparing students for college.

Mountain Park, a planned community developed in 1968 by Carl Halvorson, is one of Lake Oswego's better known communities. How would you like to live on a dormant volcano? Well if you live in Mountain Park, you would be. Mountain Park, with its 700 acres of land and 15 miles of walking paths, is built on a dormant volcano called Mount Sylvania. Roughly 8,500 residents currently call Mountain Park home. Neighborhood Map of Lake Oswego

Shopping and Dining

Lake Oswego is known for its excellent shopping and dining. If you are looking for trendy shops, great restaurants and boutiques, you owe it to yourself to check out some of Lake Oswego's 2,000 businesses.

Parks and Recreation

Excluding the 405-acres surrounding Oswego Lake, there are 11 active parks that are maintained by the city, multiple neighborhood parks, and some passive parks to enjoy. Also available are the Charlie S. Brown Water Sport Center on the Willamette River, the Lake Oswego Golf Course, and the Indoor Tennis Center.

Schools, Health, Transportation

Looking for a school system that will adequately prepare your children for college? Perhaps you are looking for a school district that has consistently been rewarded with high marks? If so, look no further than the schools in Lake Oswego! Don’t take our word for it, instead read the Fast Facts that the school district has prepared and check out their Report Card!

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