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As a result of the “great renumbering” in 1931, the section that became Southeast Portland includes everything south of Burnside Street and east of the Willamette River. Many of the neighborhoods in Southeast Portland are over a hundred years old and are full of history.

Eastmoreland - Originally owned and called Crystal Springs Farm by William S. Ladd. He and his family donated 40 acres to help form Reed College. It was Ladd's belief that the college would bring in homeowners seeking a stately community similar to those found in New England. The name Eastmoreland distinguishes the neighborhood from Westmoreland which was across the railroad tracks. Map of Eastmoreland

Sellwood - Annexed into Portland in 1893, Sellwood is just inside of Southeast Portland with the divider being the Willamette River. Best known for its antique malls and great restaurants, Sellwood has generated a bit of an influx of new residents looking to buy or renovate its cute cottages, bungalows and Victorian homes.

Woodstock - A neighborhood in Southeast Portland that borders Reed College & Eastmoreland on the western side. Woodstock received its named from a Sir Walter Scott romantic novel. This was a common practice for Portland when naming subdivisions in the late 1800’s. Map of Woodstock

Keep up-to-date on what is happening in Woodstock by visiting the Woodstock Neighborhood Association Events page.

Parks and Recreation - Eastmoreland Golf Course is an 150 acre public 18-hole golf course that was created by a gift of land to the city when Eastmoreland was first created.

Oaks Park is an amusement park located in the Sellwood neighborhood, open to the public with many rides for kids of all ages.

Living - Homes in Southeast Portland can range from large expansive lawns, beautiful gardens and mature trees lining the streets in Eastmoreland, to multi-unit apartments in southern Woodstock. Each neighborhood has it's own flavor and appeal to those who choose to live there.

Schools, Health, Transportation

Probably the best known school in Southeast Portland is Reed College. Founded in 1908 from a land grant in northern Eastmoreland, Reed College is known for its unusually high percentage of graduate who go on to earn PhDs and other degrees of higher learning. Reed College is a 4 year, private, independent, liberal arts college.

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