It's done.... Oregon today became the first and ONLY state in the USA to pass STATE WIDE rent controls.  The new law which took effect immediately today when signed create significant restrictions on property owners.  The law while not quite as bad as it looks has some specific rules and many unintended consequences, one of which (speaking as a top Realtor for over 30 years) that I see coming is property owners selling their single family home rentals, and with our prices as high as they are the buyer most likely will purchase for their own use, not as a rental.  Therefore there will be fewer rentals, which will mean higher rents.   Property owners, be sure to check and see where your rents are in comparaison to market rents. If you get behind and then see increased expenses such as higher taxes, garbage rates, water/sewer etc, you may not be ever able to recouperate those fees unless you keep your rents now at near market rate.  You can check out the post link here which goes over all the rules in Oregon senate bill 608.